a woman, not a test mouse (offensive_mango) wrote in phroogle,
a woman, not a test mouse


I have just discovered that people often type "phenomia" when they mean "pneumonia."

How long does phenomia take to get rid of? And is it contagious?
What are symptoms of phenomia?
How long does an old lady 90 live after having phenomia and is in Hospital?
help my little boy has phenomia
Nowadays phenomia, which is a disease that affects your lungs and could have a deadly outcome, is treated with antibiotics.
I seem to get phenomia alot as well as chest infections and colds
can mold and mildew cause you to get phenomia
Double Phenomia and type A flu both lungs were filled 100%

etc. etc. etc.

It's common enough for Google to know what you're searching for and to give you results for "pneumonia."

I really don't understand how this many thick people have managed to settle on an agreed spelling of a particular word that, when pronounced, results in an entirely different word. There are 43,700 results for phenomia. 43,700. One person in the first 10 pages of results seems to have used it to mean phenomena, which makes a little more sense, and there are a few unrelated results. The vast, vast majority, though, mean pneumonia.

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